Thursday, May 03, 2012

Amanda Palmer's new one

Amanda Palmer is putting out a new album, the first in four years. She's funding it via Kickstarter.
Some really remarkable things:
1) the minimum pledge is only one dollar for the whole album! That's gutsy.
2) In a couple of days she has already made half a million dollars! 
Self-funding and crowd-funding via the Internet is an astoundingly "disruptive" phenomenon/technology. There are many awesome success stories.

She's doing the very, very smart thing which people are discovering is very powerful business-wise, and much easier over the Net: selling several different levels of pledges, so you can decide how much you want to pay her, depending on how big a fan you are. One dollar for the whole album is super-cheap. I am sure this already makes many so grateful that they throw in a few extra dollars. And the special-edition CD and vinyl versions are perfect for hardcore fans, and the prices are well chosen, I think.


Steven Green said...

I love how people are waking up to their humanity :D

Anna said...

Love her !!! :)

By the way, do you know about a site like Kickstarter what would be open for European? I am just about to launch a project, and just talked yesterday with a friend who advised me to look for sites like this.

Kickstarter is only for US citizen. Does anybody do this in Europe?