Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leaf launches Credo camera back series

Leaf launches Credo camera back series, post.

When medium format cameras got into the 30 megapixel range, I thought the end was nigh. But it's beginning to look like there's an endless appetite for more pixels, pretty amazing. The new Mamiya/Leaf has 80M of them! (And you gotta want them, it is $40 grand, and that's the back only, not the camera or lens.)
It also has an interesting interface feature: a touch screen where the touch parts continue outside the screen part. I've seen that idea talked about a few places, let's see if it catches on.

It's a very handsome camera, I like the looks better than the current Hasselblads, for instance. (Unlike the old film Hasselblads, which were and are classic designs.)

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