Friday, January 06, 2012

New Soul music

(I recommend minimizing the YouTube page and just listening.)

I posted this one before years ago, but I just came across it again in the great movie Wild Target. (Very funny, and Bill Nighy is outstanding.)

I listened to a few more of Ms Naim's songs, and it seems to be one of those many instances of an artist getting struck *once* by the rays of god. It's very interesting how that happens. I wonder if it's something inside the artist which opens and closes, and for what reasons, or if that's an external influence, I dunno, an angel passing by or a spiritual wormhole to another world, just to let through that one inspiration.

I like the surprising elements, like the constrained low-fi sound of the piano in the start. And the horns.  And the claps for rhythm. And the added, very beautiful but very different bit at the end.

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