Sunday, December 25, 2011

Heidi Montaq has changed

What a durn pity, she had honest beauty. 


After, after many many changes, none of them wise in my opinion: 

I mean, she's been turned into this plastic parody of what some people think is "hot". 


TC [Girl] said...

VERY SAD! And...the sadder thing is...that she probably thinks that this is what most men want to see! :-(

On the sick humor end of this "argument," though: "they" look like they'd make attractive buoys, while floating, though! They'd probably look better than those plastic blow-up thingies on the arms! lol! :-/

Ferdinand Bardamu said...

I recall seeing a tabloid cover years ago with Heidi Montag on the cover saying that she got breast enhancements because she hated being flat and all the boys teased her about it or something. Girl's got serious issues - she doesn't even look human in that bottom shot.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yeah, I saw an early pic showing she was indeed quite small in the front department. All the more so, to overdo the correction to this degree... It's like directly from A-cup to D-Cup, I'd guess.

Laurie said...

Men still look at this *&%#... I guess. Some men that is.

She's got the perfect L.A. body,
perfect huge sweater puppies. Just don't touch 'em.

long live Hollywood!


Lake House said...

Tits that size would be great if they were natural, but they're so obviously not natural. Get rid of the breasts implants, though, and she would go back to being hot. I know she's had other work done but none of it has entered freaky territory yet, just those cans.

Lake House said...

long live Hollywood!

I don't think that's really fair - as far as the huge melons. How many Hollywood actresses have balloons that large? Discounting any porn that might be produced in Hollywood. Mainstream Hollywood actresses.

Joe said...

She has erased all the natural beauty in her pursuit of perfection.
It is a shame that my vision of perfection was not hers.

Ray said...

If you read her bio on Wikipedia, it sounds like she hasn't a clue. And obviously, she hasn't wondered what it might be like to be old and wrinkled with huge 25-year-old fake breasts. She's confused having plastic surgery with having a life.
Too bad.

And TC, you sweet thing, you're absolutely right - she'll never drown, but she's probably a fire hazard....

Anonymous said...

Ray, obviously not everyone thinks like that or she and many others would get them. Blame the guys who like grotesquely large obviously fake breasts. As for how they'll look decades down the road - well, not many people think about the future. How many chicks getting tramp stamps think about how they'll look when they're five decades older and twenty pounds heavier?