Thursday, December 08, 2011

Canon C300

Canon C300, their new pro cinema model, half-35mm frame.
What a gorgeous piece of kit, especially with these monster cinema lenses.

And now people are asking: what if anything will this mean for the hopefully imminent replacement for the ageing Canon 5DII still camera (which has very powerful video qualities image-wise, but not great handling for filming)?
(And why has Nikon never made a competing camera to it? The 700D is a brute and for a different market.)


Jim said...

The 5DMarkII is all I'll ever need in a still camera but the lack of auto-focus makes it less than ideal for someone with less than perfect eyesight. For video, I prefer a dedicated video recorder with all of the features needed for clear, sharp cinema.

Anonymous said...

I'll be spending some quality with two C300's in a week or so shooting a 30 minute short. Should be fun!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Cool, tell us how it goes.

Jim, by "lack of auto-focus" you mean for video, yes? the 5D2 does have autofocus, though not fast enough for sports and such, but fine for my needs.