Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WILDRZ: A Kids Graphic Novel

WILDRZ: A Kids Graphic Novel, Kickstarter project.

I only really noticed this thing because of their funding goal: one hundred thousand dollars! Jeepers! For one thing: what do they need that much money for, for making an app? Secondly, as I understand it, if a Kickstarter project does not reach its funding goal, they don't get any money at all. So it seems stupid to set such an unrealistic target. Big funding on Kickstarter (a brilliant idea in itself) has been known to happen for a outstanding hardware idea (like the Glif) which people really wanted, but 100k for an entertainment app? I really doubt it.


Man Mountain Productions, Inc. said...


I am the developer of WILDRZ and I just wanted to defend my position. WILDRZ is not just any simple little app, it's actually 3 in one; 60 pages of comics need to be drawn and colored, Video needs to be shot and edited, 10 mini games need to be coded and then it all has to be put together into a stable software app. Just because these apps sell for a few bucks, does not mean they only cost a few bucks to make!

I can't even afford to do most of the work in North America because it would cost $150-200K! I am going to have to do it overseas!

Don't take my word for it, see what others are saying about the cost of building iOS apps here;

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks for writing, I didn't know it could cost that much.

Although I have written a couple of times that perhaps Apple has persuaded the market to go too low in app prices. To consider five bucks "expensive" for an app is silly.

(On the other hand, it seems almost only free apps moves on Android.)