Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nikon goes mirrorless

Mighty Nikon Joins Mirrorless Revolution, tOP article.
I haven't even had time to read the article yet, but I am sure that One: this camera is interesting, and Two: Mike will give it a good intro like he always does.

We've been waiting for years for Nikon or Canon to finally make a camera system like the one which has been so successful for others: a compact camera without mirror, but with exchangeable lenses. Now Nikon has it. Here is Nikon's page about it.
How about that moniker, huh? "Nikon 1". I feel they want to make us think this is a big development.

Update: Aw, durnit, it's not a big development! They've made the damn thing with a sensor which is smaller than the M4/3 sensor! And I agree with Mike that M4/3's sensor size is pretty perfect for a compact system camera, a good compromise. Any smaller just doesn't deliver real professional results, at least not at this point in time (well, depending). And the introductory lenses seem pedestrian. It's clearly a snapshooter camera rather than an enthusiast camera.

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Bruce said...

I think what we are seeing here is like the beginning of the SUV phenomena.

Originally SUVs were made for off road and on road use. As they became popular, very few people actually used them off the road. Those people bought SUVs because they wanted to look like they drove off road. As time passed, manufacturers caught on to this and started making SUVs that do not really perform well off road, although they look like they do.

How many people who buy a small, removable lens camera, will ever remove the lens? As more of these cameras get sold, a smaller percentage of people will ever take the kit lens off. But having a camera with a removable lens tells the world something about the owner of the camera! Nikon has made a camera that appeals to people who want to look like they know what they are doing with a camera, but don't care about or can't appreciate high quality photographs.

I have always valued small size and light weight in a camera. A removable lens adds both size and weight. If you never change the lens, the extra size and weight is simply a waste. It makes the camera worse. I would like to see a camera with a micro 4/3 size sensor and a 28-112 ƒ 2.8 lens that is not removable. Such a camera would be more useful to me, and to a lot of other people, than any small removable lens camera available now.