Monday, September 12, 2011

Good weekend

My two sisters visited me over the weekend. Fun was had by all, and amongst other things we had a couple of excellent meals in my fave restaurants.

They also brought the foodstuffs Danish ex-patriots always miss, Danish yellow cheese, spegepølse (related to Salami), Danish pickled herring, etc. They brought so much that I got tired just helping to carry it home to my fridge from the hotel, I don't know how they managed to carry their own stuff besides.

To top it off, they've been cleaning out old family stuff, and they found that small Buddha statue I'd talked about. I don't regret buying the big one of course, it's really great.

I was asked if I've become buddhist, and no, not really, only a non-dualist, and some aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism are the closest that traditional philosophies come to real non-dualism. Non-dualism is the belief that when we perceive many things, or any divisions at all, it's an illusion, only one thing exists, and it has no divisions. This thing one may call "That" or "The Universe" or even "God". (I prefer "Source" sometimes.)  This state is near impossible to grasp for the human mind, which is based in a highly dualistic universe, with splits and conflicts everywhere. But some teachings are based on the belief that Love and letting go of conflicts and grievances are parts of a Way which will eventually lead back to Oneness.


TC [Girl] said...

Glad that you and your sisters had a nice weekend, together. Always fun to taste those long-ago "goodies," as well! :-)

Tom Strong said...

This must be Buddha after he'd hit the gym for a good solid six months.

Ray said...

Thank you for the added explanation.

Anonymous said...

Eolake you obviously don't have a clue what Buddhism is all about. It is in fact just as bad as any other religion.