Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Massive Six-Foot-Long Homemade Large Format Camera

Massive Six-Foot-Long Homemade Large Format Camera, article.
Photographer Darren Samuelson spent seven months building a massive homemade large-format camera that’s about six-feet-long when fully extended. He shoots with 14×36-inch x-ray film that’s about 1/12th the cost of ordinary photographic film but much harder to develop.

Some people love to buck trends, in this case the trend towards more portable and more automatic (and more digital) cameras.


Michael Burton said...

Eolake, this might be up your alley: cross-sections of Leica lenses.

eolake said...

That gives subjective understanding about why they cost so much. And that's even without showing the research, the expensive specialty glass types, or the precision of building.