Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four photos

(Click for big pic)

All from the Fujifilm X100, mostly on aperture-priority, and with auto-ISO.
It's very lovely to use. I like that due to no mirror it hardly makes any noise or vibration at all. Good camera for church and concert use, also because it works so well in low light, ISO 6400 is usable, and 3200 very good.

AnotherAnonymous said:
Mundane photographs, no two ways about it.
It is almost sacreligious to take photographs like this with a decent camera.

I am sorry you can't see it. But these are good photos. Photos are not necessarily about the subject. In fact to my own personal taste, more interesting photos are often less about the subject.
Don't look at the subject, look at the picture. Look at it as tones, as lines, as colors, as textures. As compositions, seen as a whole.


AnotherAnonymous said...

Mundane photographs, no two ways about it.
If this is your locale, I can now begin to understand your lifechoice of that of a reclusive hermit.
It is almost sacreligious to take photographs like this with a decent camera.
I DO seriously wonder, would the content have been that much different with the camera in the hands of a three year-old infant?
Being equally blunt, would the technical quality of the pictures have been any different either?
I think any sane, rational adult could only come to one conclusion: your intellect and photographic ability are far out-gunned by the toys you choose.

On this evidence, people at Fuji must be asking themselves 'Why DO we bother'?
I would have trouble finding any reason to disagree with their sentiments.

Anonymous said...

I do find these to pretty lackluster but I assumed them to be test shots with the new camera and not meant as anything special.

AnotherAnonymous said...

That's just the point. They ARE NOT anything special, NOR any kind of test shot that serves any practical purpose whatsoever.
Even the biggest offering is only in the region of 1.6 megapixels rather than up to the spec of the camera. Colours are lousy and none are sharp. Content is abysmal and creativity is notable by its absence.
So why?
Filling column inches at the expense of having something interesting to say?

Jeff R. said...

How does it "feel" when you're focussing? (You know what I mean)

I have a couple of eye-level EVF cameras (not DSLRs, that is) which allow manual focussing, and they are appalling and clumsy to focus manually.

Please tell me the x100 isn't...

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I've not used manual focus. But M Reichman says it's not good. It's fly-by-wire with a very long throw.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

AA, you clearly have a great amount invested in me being made aware of just how NOT special I am.

AnotherAnonymous said...

I'm jealous of your money and easy but lucrative job. I also have a small penis.

AA said...

No, just bored to death by another wannabe artist / photographer / writer with talent far outstripped by ego and self-opinionated delusion.
The problem when someone has their head THAT far up their own ass is that they are the only person who cannot see what is so painfully obvious to everyone else.
NO talent as a photographer and NO aptitude or creativity as an artist, though the usual sycophants, fawns and ass-lickers will obviously crawl out to fight your corner, as usual.

AA said...

And, like I said, I have a small penis.

Anonymous said...

/For a thousand bucks, it better take good pictures. I'm sticking to my upteen year old Fuji Finepix as my pocket camera ... use Canon for my better photo opportunities (provided it's not radiated). lol

AA said...

I'd forgotten to mention that. Absolutely hil! But don't be redic, mie's exactly the same as your, just a bit bigger.

Jes said...

AA-Lol dude, as far as I can tell, you post more comments on this blog than I do. You hate so much, you're in danger of becoming a fan.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

An explanation for Anonymous' hostility can be found here.

'Nuff said!
-Stan Lee

Anonymous said...

Hostility, or just being blunt about speaking his mind? Its not easy to disagree with his (her?) viewpoint either.
Sycophants, fawns and ass-lickers DO appear to have crawled into the light - but why the cheap shot at penis size when you do not even know if they are male?
The biggest mistake was then to make a half-assed defence of these pictures (by the author).
Does the story of the Emporers new clothes translate into Danish?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"The Emperor's new clothes" was *written* in Danish. :-)

I have found in life that when a person is *consistently* blunt and "brutally honest", there are deeper reasons for that.

Anonymous said...

This Anonymous is not I think RAF himself. This one is even more of a douche, but also somehow dumber (I know, those both seem like impossibilities).

Anonymous said...

but why the cheap shot at penis size when you do not even know if they are male?

It's true that I can't know that, but it does seem unlikely a woman would be quite this hostile. It's possible but rarer. Most anonymous douches on the internet do seem to be male. The guess about penis size was just an amusing cheap shot. There may be well-hung guys who are also complete douches but it seems unlikely.

Jes said...

"Hostility, or just being blunt about speaking his mind?"

There's a difference between constructive criticism and picking a fight for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see photos of some stuff further a field. Take another short trip to the old country, visit the fam. Take some pictures of the Danish countryside. Or move to a city that's less "Blah Industrial" in look.

Btw, I wonder...when Queen Elizabeth dies, will they have to replace all those mailboxes? The "ER" letters won't make sense anymore.

Timo Lehtinen said...

Hey, nice mundane photos! :-)

I dislike the post box one the least. -)

Paul Bradforth said...

@Dave Nielsen: "when Queen Elizabeth dies, will they have to replace all those mailboxes? The "ER" letters won't make sense anymore."

Here's a shot of the postbox in the village I live in:[

Anonymous said...

Hey, Timo, how come when you post as TTL you're honest and don't pull punches, but when you post as Timo you're a gigantic, unapologetic suckup?