Friday, January 07, 2011

Monsters/Aliens revisited (successes/flops)

I am re-watching Monsters Vs Aliens. Blu-ray of course. These CG movies have much more clarity than any live action film I've seen, and the detail is astounding.

I like the story a lot, it's really funny, and once again like I've said, I'm taken aback by the amount of talent, computing, and sheer man-hours which go into making these CG movies*.
Just the SF bridge sequence alone is impressive. The detail and reality of this huge bridge collapsing amongst various "monsters" and a huge alien robot is striking.

It must be stressful to put so much heart, work, and money into a film four years in the making, having no clue if anybody will watch it when it's done.

Success is unpredictable at least. Oprah was in that film "Beloved". Many authors have had hit books come from being mentioned on the Oprah show, so you'd think it was a sure thing. But Beloved was not, it was a flop. And of course heartbreaking to Oprah, it was such an important story to her.

I'm beginning to suspect that in any business you can do everything right, and still have a flop, or most things wrong, and still get a hit. Maybe there's a "Big Mind" which controls these things for whatever good reasons.

I'm reminded of punk rock magazines in the late seventies. Some of those guys became millionaires even though they had no experience and no clue about publishing. It was just timed extraordinarily right. And they couldn't follow it up with any success in any other area, wich puzzled them greatly for of course they must have believed they were god-given geniuses.

*One of the ones I liked best visually was Over the Hedge. I can't believe it's not on Blu-ray yet.

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