Thursday, December 16, 2010

New blacker paint


TC [Girl] said...

Interesting and what a diff on that sample! Cool!

Philocalist said...

Seeing stuff like this usually leaves me with a 'so what' type of emotion.
Am I alone in thinking that the budget for this project, certainly counted in millions, and possibly even billions could have been applied to research that may actually have a profound effect on life as we know it down here on planet earth?
The obvious one is medical research, but I'd personally love to see some philanthropic genius plough this sort of money into research of our oceans and seas: the reality is that we know virtually NOTHING about them, yet they have the undoubted potential to solve a dire problem that is already reaching crisis proportions, namely feeding a massively over-populated earth ... never mind other avenues that are obvious, but barely scratched at: clean power sources and medicine (again!)
There again, we have a real need to find out yet more, at immense expense, about stuff so distant it cannot possibly have any quantifiable effect on us, don't we? :-)