Monday, November 15, 2010

Plane ticket f sale

My friend Sally has a plane ticket (bought in a mess-up which happens when two people try to use a computer at the same time) from Manchester, UK, to Copenhagen, Denmark, Sunday 21.11.2010,  noon, direct. 110 GBP, half price. Put some sort of contact in the comments if interested.


TC [Girl] said...

Perhaps you otter put that on Craigslist. I would put it on BOTH DK AND UK sides and/or EBay. :-)

(Good luck!)

Anonymous said...

glad for you to hear she's staying


eolake said...

I should be so lucky, but Copenhagen won this one. No, we bought the wrong date by mistake first, no idea how it happened, and it's nonrefundable.

...........................Ray said...

@ Eolake -

Gee - and I was hoping it would start when you sink in her arms and end with your arms in her sink :)

Better luck next time!

eolake said...

Nah, I actually proposed to Sally about 20 years ago, and she turned me down already then. :-)
(Frig me, has it been that long? Yep.)

...........................Ray said...

I think you're both very wise. It's never a good idea to spoil a beautiful friendship with something as ugly as marriage. I've been through two of them, so I know. That's why in the war between the sexes, I'm strictly a spectator. I already know where 'flying saucers' come from, and how much it costs to clean up the fallout. I'd rather be lonely than miserable.

Anonymous said...

I've been through two of them, so I know.

I'm shocked.

I'd rather be lonely than miserable.

I bet you're both.