Monday, April 19, 2010

Book holder

I've gotten a book holder for the pad (alternative brand). It's brilliant for long reading and watching movies. And writing.

The plastic book straps it comes with could hold the iPad, but not securely (they are made for book covers), so I inquired about this for tips, and for now I use stick-on Velcro, a simple and strong solution. (If you do this: don't put velcro in the center of the pad 1's curved back, leave that empty, that's give you a greater contact area.) [Update: there's a useful adapter now.]

The plate rotates, which is great with the pad. It has click stops at 90 and 45 degrees it easily slips into. Unfortunately due to the weight of the whole thing, it's a little tilted, this I have solved by simply putting the pad on it slightly tilted the other way. This works fine in both orientations.
Of course it takes just three seconds to take it off or put it on.
Once can also strap an iPad case to it, and take the iPad in and out of the case. When you don't use it, you just swing the whole arm out of the way.

If one wants, it can also be set with the screen pointing down so one is looking up at it. Or be set lower and further away, so one looks down at it. It's flexible.
It's quite heavy, as it has to be, but it was not too hard to assemble, took me twenty minutes.

This setup is great for video or for long reading. E-books or instapaper articles.

With a bluetooth keyboard, is also great for writing. I find it more comfortable than with a notebook, even if it has a stand. No arm strain at all.


Monsieur Beep! said...

How I loovvvvve to peep into other people´s home....

I really do. I love it. That´s why I´m excited when I go for a walk in the Netherlands at night when you can peep into the homes. All blinds are open. How cool!


eolake said...

So you should be "Mr. Peep".

I once saw a gorgeous young woman come out from her shower stark nude. The most amazing thing is I was in the middle of writing a story where exactly that happened!

James said...

What a great way to work from/at home!

eolake said...

Friggin' a.

Sukiho said...

is there an advantage to this? couldnt you use an ordinary screen with a keyboard and a mouse? that way you wouldnt have to reach up and also its cheaper?

eolake said...

Well, we'd have to include a computer somewhere, both in space and in money.
And I'd need a big flat space for keyboard/mouse.

Also, most of the time, I'm not writing, and in that case it's unbeatable in simplicity and comfort.

eolake said...

This setup is great for video or for long reading. E-books or instapaper articles.

Stephen A said...

Neat, I personally adapt "back of headrest" tablet holders (i.e. kid travel pacifiers) for this purposes. They are dirt cheap and can be readily adapted to most needs by simply clamping them to a pair of dowels.

I use such a setup to clamp a tablet to my exercise bike. I've also hacked a USB circuit to add page forward and back buttons to the handles. But they only work if I'm pedaling at greater than 8kph