Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rechargable batteries

I tried rechargeable batteries back in 2000, and have not used any since, because they sucked donkey dong through a dirty diaper. But according to all reports (many), times have changed, and the Sanyo Eneloop batteries rock on all fronts, power, speed, holding a charge, and economy. I've already ordered a bunch and a charger.
(Amazon UK link.)

By the way, I like the kooky but memorable name, and the pleasant and simple design of these batteries.

Update: I like German companies. I ordered the charger and batteries in the very early morning, and within a couple hours, before it was even light outside and before British working people have put on the kettle and washed their face, I got an email that the item had shipped!
OK, Germany is one time zone ahead. It was still before nine in the morning, and most people in most Western countries do nothing really productive that early. Well, not white-collar workers anyway. Many blue-collar workers start quite early. I know, I was one as a young man (sand-blasting). Lord, starting at seven I was sleepy in the morning!


Jeff R. said...

You will not regret your purchase, and I predict you will get more. I have three sets which I rotate through my flash guns, and they have never let me down (unlike NiCd and NiMH).
Well worth it.

eolake said...


They say these recharge a flash faster.

They are also NiMH batteries, though.

Philocalist said...

I see that we are 'enjoying' once more the benefits of Amazon.com vs Amazon.co.uk :-)

$17.19 or £29.99 for the same article!!!

Someone just remind me what the exchange rate is again? :-)

I'll admit, mine were gifted to me by a friend a little while ago, though with use I've found that although they are on par with some of the others I use, the performance of these batteries is nothing particularly special (with flash guns ... I've had the big Canon units in several guises over the years).
I really do wish things would chande, but I'm afraid that if you want fast re-cycling and the maximum number of flashes from a single set of batteries, QUALITY pre-charged batteries is the way to go, and swallow the expense.
Sure, rechargeables are more economic in the long run, but they're a compromise in all other areas ... I've dozens of them from various manufacturers ... the better ones are used in camera drives or flashguns when necessary, and the rest power up my baby boys toys! :-)

Philocalist said...

Hmmm ... idly sniffin' about on ebay, I see that you can get the charger and batteries complete for less than £12, including postage, from any of several registered business users!

Steve Weeks said...

They are now my battery of choice because they hold a good part of their charge between uses. My thoughts on them echo Jeff R.'s comment. In fact I was looking at buying them in bulk with no charger as I now have three.

I haven't noticed they charge the flash faster than the non-rechargeable ones. Then again, I seldom use the flash at full power, so the recharge is usually snappy.

Jan said...

I use them in my SB600 and am happy with them so far. I love it when excellent products look elegant.

eolake said...

(Philocalist, do you mind if I call you Phil?)
Good points. I forgot about looking at eBay, one can often find the best deals there. (Not the least with software.)

Usually Amazon is good too, so I didn't think about this time.

The "European Penalty" varies a lot. For example with Leica gear, the prices follow the exchange rates. But sometimes it's ridiculous.

Philocalist said...

Don't mind Phil, though Peter is probably better as that is how the rest of the world knows me :-)
Philocalist was something I just picked up on many years ago, and it stuck as its actual meaning probably reflects my nature / temperament quite well! :-)

Strange, after THAT revelation ... my word verification is SOOOO close ... its 'Pater'!
NOW I'm spooked! :-)

eolake said...

Those are often spooky.

What meanings are in Philocalist? "Local philosopher"?

Philocalist said...

Philocalist: - Lover of beauty or beautiful things, esp. women ... it turned up years ago in a book I was reading, and subsequently defined in a very obscure dictionary!

eolake said...

Well, I like that. I'm one of those too, for sure.