Friday, May 01, 2009

From watch to motorcycle

[Thanks to Capt. Kirk.] (I don't know where these are from.)

I think a few of them are really good, even just seen as sculptures. 


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

They're from Awesomistan, capital Fantastipolis!
Excuse me while I destunnify for a few minutes.

You know, I'm a Transformers buff, have a lot of the movie's models, several triple-changers (and one incredible 6- or 7-changer dragon Megatron). Lately, I got me the little "daily objects" new models. Robots that change into a digital camera, cellphone, binoculars, portable videogame, controller joypad or wristwatch.
And I think Hasbro should contact this guy to design together some unprecendentedly cool triple changers. Robot, vehicle, and daily object in one.
It definitely CAN be done.

[Note to self: pick up that vague design idea for an eyglasses/robot Transformer with round transparent torso.]

eolake said...

Yes. I think a few of them are really good, even just seen as sculptures.

kurumi said...

Hi, the coin is Brazilian...

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Ah. I thought it just said that it was a "real" coin, and not a fake one. ;-)

So it's a Brazilian réal coin. Of course.

My verif commenting on those sculptures: "calitiz"
I think that's a compliment in Brazilian. :-)

[For those that didn't get the joke, they speak Portugese in Brazil.]