Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canon Widest-Ever Tilt-Shift Lens

Canon Introduces Widest-Ever Tilt-Shift Lens, article.
God, what a monster lens, I love it.
Gear is to men what shoes are to women. We may not need new stuff, but who cares.

Canon also introduced a new underwater camera, kool.

... Talking about gear-porn, here's a picture of a camera from three decades ago, when cameras still looked like machines. (Picture from NikonWatch.)

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At 19 Feb 2009, 01:24:00, Blogger Aniko said...

"Gear is to men what shoes are to women. We may not need new stuff, but who cares."

You just made me understand something deep about men... :-)

Thank you !

At 19 Feb 2009, 03:44:00, Blogger Bron said...

The F3 is less than ten years out of production, and I think it was less than five years ago that NOS was still available. The early Nikon F's were built like tanks, and also handled and sounded like tanks

As to understnding men or women, PFUI...


At 19 Feb 2009, 04:12:00, Blogger eolake said...

Thank you very much. Yes, I've looked it up now, the F3 was in production from around 1980 till around the millennium, Very impressive, particularly considering that the F4 and the F5 were also sold in much of that period. Goes to show that classic designs last.

At 19 Feb 2009, 12:36:00, Blogger Monsieur Beep said...

@ Aniko:
To understand more about the different ways of men and women, I can highly recommend to read, or even better listen to the following sound book:
Allan & Barbara Pease: "Why Men Don't Listen, and Women Can't Read Maps".
Digestion of this should be made compulsory in schools!!!
I prefer the audio version, there's some quarreling and shouting between men and women included, lol.
I prefer the Dutch version, where the quarreling sounds just "wonderful", with that lovely Dutch way to speak.

Since I've included the insights and recommendations which are given in this book, I can now even ENJOY to accompany my spouse when she goes shopping for, erm, yes: THOSE shoes. Lol.

Off topic, @Aniko: I'm a curious person, and I wanted to get some information about what "Aniko" might be looking like etc, and did some research on the net a while ago. And Bingo!! I found the very avatar which your'e using here, lol.
And I'm also presently using Ilse's (was it "Ilse"?) wonderful portrait as my screensaver. :-)))

At 19 Feb 2009, 13:18:00, Anonymous Epona said...

Well, I must be an oddball woman, as I prefer gear over shoes anyday. When I have any money, it goes to iPods, camera gear, or a new laptop or software. I'll also buy books, movies, or music long before shoes and BTW, I can read a map and find my way anywere. I have never been lost, even in countries where I can't speak the language.

At 19 Feb 2009, 13:20:00, Anonymous Epona said...

Oh, and I am Hetero, so don't be thinking otherwise due to my previous comment!

At 19 Feb 2009, 14:13:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1981 I had 2 of those F3's in the standard version with motor drives.Had a little to much "gearitis" in my blood at the time.Great pieces of equipment though and a fun way to spend a small inheritance. cjg of eroticalee

At 19 Feb 2009, 14:29:00, Blogger eolake said...

Epona, you sound like a woman I could dig.

At 19 Feb 2009, 17:46:00, Anonymous Epona said...

So sorry Eo, I am quite committed to a wonderful man. Besides, those long-distance things just don't work, I've been there, done that!

At 19 Feb 2009, 21:14:00, Blogger eolake said...

We could have phone kinkiness?

(Just kidding, I'm not exactly looking.)

At 20 Feb 2009, 01:02:00, Blogger Aniko said...

Mr Beep: "Allan & Barbara Pease: "Why Men Don't Listen, and Women Can't Read Maps".
Digestion of this should be made compulsory in schools!!!"

I agree so much! Actually I also recommended this book on this blog.:-) Yesss, everybody should read it! Instead of having long discussions on not understanding men / or women / or both...

I just read it two month ago. Wish I had read it earlier, would have made things easier, but it's never too late ! :-)

At 20 Feb 2009, 01:08:00, Blogger Aniko said...

Mr Beep: And Bingo!! I found the very avatar which your using here, lol.
And I'm also presently using Ilse's (was it "Ilse"?) wonderful portrait as my screensaver. :-)))


You yourself hide quite well though... :-)

I am still wondering if I should hide or not...

At 20 Feb 2009, 01:19:00, Blogger eolake said...

I prefer audiobooks. iTunes has one by those two authors called "Why men don't have a clue and women always need more shoes", I guess that's not the same book?

At 20 Feb 2009, 01:21:00, Blogger eolake said...

(Aniko, it helps if you use quotation marks around quoted text.)

At 20 Feb 2009, 01:24:00, Blogger Aniko said...

Yes, Sir!

At 20 Feb 2009, 09:38:00, Blogger Monsieur Beep said...

As far as I know, there's been a follow-up book by the two authors, at least in English. I saw it in a bookshop somewhere.

Yes Eo, Audio books are a good thing. Downloading MP3 books is easy, paying is even easier, and the danger to buy more files online than you originally wanted is immense. Lol.

Thanks @ Aniko for your kind words.
Of course I confused screen saver and wall paper. I was talking about the latter.

WWW Identity? It depends. If you run an online or other business, it might be best to show your true identity (What's wrong with it anyway). Exceptions confirm the rule, yes Eo?
But for surfing, and general blogging, I'd prefer to hide.
Should you get to know your online friends closer, you might communicate with them on email or so, letting them know your real name.
At, for instance, they have different levels (public, friends, family) so that you can determine who is allowed to see all or only a part of your photographic stuff.
Generally, at flickr, I hide, but I got to know some very nice folks there who I put on friends -, even family level, and also gave them my address, so we can exchange things.


At 20 Feb 2009, 09:39:00, Blogger Monsieur Beep said...

I wouldna hide your beautiful avatar, though...



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