Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5D video review

Update: you also have to see Vincent Laforet's 5D video. It's pretty damn cool on it's own, and then you realize that this is a short-short movie made in one day. By a guy who never made video before. With a camera he's held for half a day.
Canon owe this guy for this marketing favor!

This video is going viral like a wildfire.
Here's a behind the scenes video.
It seems Laforet has the clout to, with hours warning, a) get permission to fly helicopter over NYC, and b) get permission from Moby to use a song.

... Hey, I didn't know Vincent was my twin!
It's spooky.

It seems like the Canon 5D is kicking ten kinds of caca out of the Nikon D90 when it comes to video capabilities.
Mike Reichman has a video review.

And here's another love-fest. It's too much now.


ttl said...

Laforet's video does look lickably good. It's easy to see that the 5D will revolutionize minimum-budget film making.

I wonder if 1080p is where these DSLRs will settle at this point, or if Nikon is going to up the ante with 2K (2048x1080) so they can say they are Digital Cinema compatible.

It's spooky.

Maybe the universe trying to tell you something.
You quit the field of videography too soon. :-)

eolake said...

"It's easy to see that the 5D will revolutionize minimum-budget film making."

Yes. *If* ergonomics are good enough, and if sound recording is good enough. (I think unlike the D90 it has a mike plug though.)

"I wonder if 1080p is where these DSLRs will settle at this point,"

It's certainly good enough. All the Danish "Dogma" movies were made on DV, not even HDV.
(Some say it's 1080i though.)

"Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something."

It's not all, he is named Vincent, as was I in my favorite past lifetime.

ttl said...

All the Danish "Dogma" movies were made on DV, not even HDV.

Are you sure? Yes, Trier notoriously used 100 static DV cams in the musical segments of Dancer in the Dark, but the rest of the film, I understand, was shot on film. Also, I was under the belief that Breaking the Waves was all film. In fact, I remember seeing a "making of" clip where Trier himself was pictured shooting handheld using a huge black camera.

Of course, there are other lesser known DOGME film makers who may well have used DV throughout a production.

I agree in that 1080p is certainly good enough. I would be surprised if Trier used film anymore.

eolake said...

Nope, Laforet sez it's 1080p.

eolake said...

I'm not sure "Breaking the Waves" classifies as a Dogma film, I don't think so. I'm thinking of The Idiots, The Celebration, Mifune, etc.

ttl said...

If Laforet is short of B&W photos for a passport or some PR use, you can lend him yours.

eolake said...

And if we're ever stuck in a cabin without a mirror, we can shave just sitting across from each other.

Johnnie Walker said...

You look like you're very serious about photography, Eolake.

eolake said...

Very strongly interested. I never found out why.

Do you judge this from the interview I linked to, or...?

Johnnie Walker said...

In the photographs you just look like you're very serious or at least very focused.

eolake said...

I guess that's pretty accurate.

And I find it funny that when you see Vincent in the video, he looks just the same! :-)

BlankPhotog said...

I don't know if in-camera sound really has to be that great. They could record sound separately and just use the in-camera to synch with whatever they got elsewhere. And then, look at what they did without using in-camera sound on Reverie. My guess is there will be thousands of band photographers jumping into making music videos with this thing! I'm tempted myself, having dabbled in both, but it will likely be a year or more before I get a Mk II so by then who knows?