Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stroke of insight

Fascinating account of a stroke seen from the inside. It's scary, but uplifting.

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Frank said...

Just watched the referenced video - better late then never - as the saying goes.

I don't find the video scary, but rather confirming of so much that is presented by the mystical traditions -- and ACIM as well.

(In the context of the video, "scary" is a left brain stressor. "Uplifting" might be left brain trying to describe the wholistic experience.)

What her experience confirms is that all humans have the "hard-wired" capacity to transcend the world of language and concepts and experience that transcendent reality directly.

All those who the linear world sees as "illumined" (and consequently constructed linear religious traditions to try and explain) can be viewed from a different perspective ("right brain"?).

They can be recognised, as brilliant, individual, examples or prototypes of the possible. And, we can be thankful for those examples.

To borrow a quote from an old TV show "We have the technology..." now it is time to "up tools" and get on with it - internally that is!