Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trading down

A trend of common sense? It can't be true.


Anonymous said...

What is the world coming to, eh?! ;-)

Cliff Prince said...

A dual-income household of over $200,000.oo a year puts that example couple in the top .01% by number of world-wide wage earners. Any example of their cutting back to "more normal" ("common-sensical"?) behavior is like talking about how Marie Antoinette decided to do without three hundred retainers and cut back to two hundred fifty. Shut the FFFF up.

I'm personally tired of the mainstream media paying sick attention to the "poor downtrodden" who can afford a home. They've gone ahead and taken the painful step of mowing their own grass instead of hiring some Mexican to do it without health care benefits? Geez, the horror the horror. Next they'll be giving up brioche for cake and bread.

If I had that kind of income I'd just not work for two thirds of the year and still be making literally twice as much as I've ever made in my life.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of you whining about how your life sucks. You are a loser. Deal with it or shut the fucking hell up, moron.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Side is strong in this one. He has the Words That Kill. Join me as a Sith apprentice, Darth Anonymous, and let us set the whole Galaxy aflame. I can value your talents. Come, the Cosmos awaits us. These lowly peasant natives are unworthy of your mighty blazing hate.