Monday, July 23, 2007

For Mac newbies

For Mac newbies.

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At 25 Jul 2007, 16:47:00, Blogger Final Identity said...

I didn't ever really think that the Mac NEEDED a "for newbies" web page or guide or set of instructions. It's all pretty intuitive, if you've been using a computer (whether Mac or PC) for a while. My dad still has trouble with his Mac -- he's annoyed every time the browser pops up with, "You have to download Flash Player in order to correctly view this web page," and then three days later he's annoyed again, because he hasn't actually DONE WHAT THE COMPUTER SAID HE HAD TO DO, he's just ignored it again. "When is that going to get better!??" he keeps asking me. I don't think a "newbie" guide can adequately disabuse him of his misapprehensions: "Dear Mister Smith: you must DO WHAT IS REQUIRED or else IT WON'T HAVE BEEN DONE." I can't quite see that appearing in any help book.


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