Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sound policy

It's easy to fall into listening to only one genre of music. But I try to treat my ears to all kinds of things. Just a sound policy.
As it were.


Steve said...

Sounds like music to my ears. ;)

Alex said...

I run the entire family CD collection from our file server using Media Player - infinite loop, shuffle.

Kinda strange having Mahler right before the Damned, and Abba right after Enya. Tangerine Dream around Beethoven.

Do your ears a favour, grab "Passion" by Peter Gabriel, don't expect Sledgehammer or Genesis.

Anonymous said...

Do your ears a favour, grab Elton John's Live in Austraia, The Greatest Discovery and I Need You to Turn to, it's like heaven on Earth to the ears. That's the magic for me. Long live the King.