Monday, January 08, 2007

Stream and bridge

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At 8 Jan 2007, 08:28:00, Anonymous foxylady_12010 said...

Interesting photo my friend. Is the bridge leading into the "stream" of the unconscious of man's mind? The cesspool of thought awaits for the foolhardy and one such as I the "now present faint of heart". The red trees to me symbolizes the synapses of the brain, the "bridge" with the pathway of murk and water...doesn't instill me with confidence. What says you...Eolake?

At 8 Jan 2007, 09:47:00, Blogger eolake said...

I sez perhaps, Foxy Lady, you are over-analysing my pictures a little bit, and not with rose-colored glasses either. :)

At 8 Jan 2007, 11:48:00, Blogger David Toyne said...

I like this series of fisheye pics Eolake.

At 8 Jan 2007, 19:43:00, Anonymous Pascal said...

I love it too. It's impressive the effects a talented photographer can get with that lens. Showing the vertical and the horizon practically in a single image. Mr "face and profile shown at once" Picasso would've approved.

You know, FoxyLady, sometimes a photo is just a photo. Even if it IS symbolistic Eolake Stobblehouse who took it. :-)

I heard a whale had escaped from Bugs Bunny's cartoons. Somehow, I think I have a hunch which way it went. The railing's all bent to the sides. (Whale, hunch, oh, where do I GET them?!?)

Willy's free at last!!!

At 8 Jan 2007, 21:16:00, Blogger Lucid Twilight said...

"Willy's free at last!!!"

Dear god man! Put your pants back on!

At 9 Jan 2007, 09:29:00, Anonymous king zod said...

Lucid Twilight said...
"Willy's free at last!!!"

Dear god man! Put your pants back on!

LMAO! That's too funny! Very good my royal son. Very good :)

And Eolake, the photo is great. I like how you angled it.

At 9 Jan 2007, 22:57:00, Anonymous Mc Pascal said...

Hey, Lucid, if you can speak like a Scotsman, why can't I dress like one, aye?


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