Friday, December 08, 2006

Doors of Heaven

I had to prove that I am not all talk, so I got the Nikon D40. Wonderful camera. Even with my 18-200mm zoom, it fits in my shoulder bag among the rest of my stuff. And it does not have the plasticky feel and slow reactions one might expect with an entry-level camera.

Ooookay, there is apparently a great appetite for my high-wire analysis of my pictures. So here goes.

This picture is of heaven's gates. The golden colors give promise of great spiritual riches ahead.

The many verticals symbolize the ascension of humanity and of the individual, or "you" if you will.

The shadow of the sign on the right shows the fading of language and symbols as being important in human life, transcending mere mind and entering spiritual realms.

The locks represent the barriers in our minds and our beliefs which each person has the key to if he chooses.


Dibutil said...

Very interesting interpretation indeed. I was looking for someone with such way of thinking for a long time.
Thanks to theonlinephotographer for pointing your site to me.

Just wonder.. Although you have analyzed all primary elements of the picture, why do you avoid a combining summary? Also the handle and horizontal inserts leave a lot of room for extending the proof of you perception..



Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I don't have a handle on the handle, but the horizontals obviously symbolize the view of eternity. There is a choice between a left-wing eternity and a right-win eternity.

The bricks symbolize the building blocks of human knowledge.

Anonymous said...

why do you avoid a combining summary?

Very good question. I ponder such the same? Perhaps it's like those silly ink blots the shrinks show the patients?
A visual is and can be whatever the mind wants it to be. I simply see two doors with locks on them to keep the vermin out.
Behold, our world of thieves and saints.

Anonymous said...

These doors may be doors OF heaven, but to me they seem more like doors TO hell. The golden colour seems to suggest the fiery depths within and the locks are so flimsy that any minute they will part and drag me into the conflagration.

Beware all you who would enter here, I say

Anonymous said...

Well, the doors of Heaven ARE meant to keep the vermin out, aren't they? ;-)

Dang, Eolake, you sure have the mind of someone who'd do abstract art! Good thing that you explain these "mysterious" photos of yours, otherwise I too would only see some pretty wooden portal.

Speaking of abstract... That name "Dibutil Ftalat" sounds like some fancy medicinal drug I could've heard about in bio-chemistry class. Or some obscure turkish philosopher! Or some rude curse in thai dialect. Or a city in Mongolia. Or a wizard in Harry Potter / Terry Pratchett. Or a Splunge drowning in Coddleflop juice. Or...
[Oops! Gotta go, I hear the nurse coming over with my medication.]

Dibutil said...

Psacal, I don't mind abstract questions about my name.. or nickname.. Google helps in the most cases ;-)
In any case, you should agree that it is much better than Jugderdemidiyn Gurragcha (first Mongolian cosmonaut) although I see nothing wrong in the later either.

Eolake, I believe that the handle is the root of the whole picture. Left and right views of eternity (not the same!) are inviting the sight directly to the handle.. to bad there's locks. This image is very disturbing for the soft minds.

laurie said...

Ha ha ha! BRavo Eolake! I loved the interpretation, and an interesting photo.

to me, the locks surrounding the handle signify this: we cannot open the door with the hand (of our will); we must enter the material door with our Mind, SEE ourselves through all matter to the spaciousness within. There is no other real entry to God.

punctum said... is a door.

laurie said...

lol :)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I don't like to seem dense, but please explain that joke (and link) to me.

Anonymous said...

The golden colour seems to suggest the fiery depths within and the locks are so flimsy that any minute they will part and drag me into the conflagration.

Beware all you who would enter here, I say

Beware Hades wrath. I hope you arent dragged into hell. Geesh! That would be forever according to God!

Anonymous said...

signalroom said...
lol :)


Anonymous said...

"Google helps in the most cases"
Sorry, I've already tried consulting famous Dr Google. He said there was nothing HE could do for a case like mine!

eolake said...
I don't like to seem dense

Well, as a bushy marsh friend of mine once said: "Would you rather pass for shallow?" Then people wouldn't respect ya!

Dave New said...

Ah heck. "Sometimes a door is just a door."

Anonymous said...

And a small furry creature from alpha centauri is always just a small furry creature from alpha centauri.

Anonymous said...

Dave New said...
Ah heck. "Sometimes a door is just a door."


Anonymous said...

He said there was nothing HE could do for a case like mine!

That's too bad girlfriend. How long do you have, if you don't mind me asking? I hope your illness doesn't make you bitter or angry like most.
Be brave if you can. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Naked Girl Jill? I like where this is going.

Joking aside, I believe Pascal made a funny. Unless there actually is a Dr. Google, in which case I MUST meet this man. (Although it would render my joking a bit inappropriate for the situation... It would be like hiring a clown to perform at a funeral. (Although I don't consider that a bad idea and may request it in my will.))

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that pascal's a he, though none of us seem to place too much importance on gender here. I was first to be confused for a female (many times in a row, I might add) and now it seems it's his turn.

The fun will never cease. ;)

laurie said...

"Sometimes a door is just a door."

I disagree.


Monsieur Beep! said...

Now, this is an emergency, and, as usual in human life, you find yourself standing in front of locked doors.
If heaven were commercially run, it'd open 24/7. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Naked Girl Jill? I like where this is going."
Me too. Provided I can tag along.

"Oh, and it's worth mentioning that Pascal's a he"
I'm a "he"? Wow-ee! Hey Mom, I've finally found out what I am, yay!

Dear Jill, thank you for your concern, girl. (I'm assuming YOU are indeed a girl? And naked?) Actually, I have a condition known as terminal silliness. I've had it since infancy, and I'm told it might kill me some day. If I laugh hard enough with a very weak heart, a mere 80 years from now. Boo-hoo!

Ah, well. When you live in Lebanon, it's better than being depressive. :-)
(Living in Lebanon? No, THAT isn't a joke, alas. Unlike our Government!)

Oh, and be careful what you read around here. I've been told I was highly contagious! ;o)

Riddle me this : Why are there doors to Heaven?

Answer : because using Windows would be a living hell! (Sorry Mr Gates, I couldn't resist. But I have a medical certificate.)

Anonymous said...

lol :)

c'mon. it's a picture of a door. this is a hilarious website.