Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Good Omens"

Somebody has seen the light, and Good Omens is being re-released.
It is one of the best and funniest fantasy novels ever written (DiscWorld meets Sandman), and has been a top favorite of mine for fifteen years. In fact, just a few weeks ago I bought a copy for my witch (hi Susie).

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At 23 Jul 2006, 01:43:00, Anonymous ttl said...

Do tell us more about this witch?

At 23 Jul 2006, 02:36:00, Blogger eolake said...

Susie gives me craniosacral therapy (and reiki and such), and is very good. We go through the most amazing phenomena. She regularly yelps just the split second I feel a pain. One day I saw an eye in the sky (thanks Philip K), and I couldn't figure it out, I found it funny. She finally admitted it was hers, not mine.
I bought three sessions as a gift for the daughter, 5, of a friend. She has arthritis and seldom sleeps well. In her first session, within seconds, she fell asleep and went asleep again the moment they came home.

At 23 Jul 2006, 02:56:00, Anonymous ttl said...

Very cool!

And a heartwarming story about the little girl, too.

At 23 Jul 2006, 15:09:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...


Did you find her in the Consumer Association magazine issue devoted to
this subject?

Which Witch?


At 23 Jul 2006, 19:12:00, Blogger eolake said...

Wich is which?

My local physiotherapist share office with several other practitioners, massage, homeopathy, CBT, craniosacral therapy. I am or have used them ALL, and they have all been wonderful for me, just what I needed at the time I needed it. It seems Karen is one of those people who collects the best people.

At 25 Jul 2006, 08:06:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...


When no virtue is perceived in suffering - recovery is immediate.

When the pupil is ready - the teacher appears.


At 26 Jul 2006, 00:46:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

Aye. Was the pupil dilated, in that eye in the sky? ;-)
(I know, it sounds awful. Just consider it abstract-art joking!)

So, a real witch, hunh? Well, good for you if it helps you. Sounds swell, and pleasant. Apart from the small detail that you'll probably both roast in Hell, of course. :-p
Can't be worse than a facial nevralgia, anyway. Or the wrath of a woman scorned. (Um... maybe it's not very wise from me to scorn a witch, then.)

More seriously, Medicine has managed tremendous accomplishments through scientific methodology (I have the diploma to prove it), but some things fall more or less outside its domain. Everything related to the psyche, for instance, remains by definition inaccessible to Science alone, at least in parts. Age-old empiric disciplines, when studied and performed seriously, have my full approval.
A pity there are still so many quacks and crooks out there. Okay, I admit, Doctors aren't ALL saints either. Far from it. :-( Many forget the first lesson they're taught : talking helps. Just hearing the patients already does them a lot of good and comfort. It doesn't take years of college to listen, either!

Our civilization still has room for progress, it seems. That's not all bad news!!!

At 26 Jul 2006, 01:34:00, Blogger eolake said...

"Was the pupil dilated, in that eye in the sky?"

The pupil had surpassed the teacher.

At 28 Jul 2006, 21:55:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

I guess that qualifies as "dilation". Sort of. (~_^)


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