Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Work and riches

"I have long been of the opinion that if work were such a splendid thing the rich would have kept more of it for themselves." -- Bruce Grocott

Another good joke... but unfortunately it perpetuates the myth that most rich people are lazy. Books such as The Millionaire Next Door documents that the great bulk of rich people work very hard indeed, and spend little. Which is how they became rich in the first place.


davidexile said...

Too often it is the perception of wealth that people seem to pursue and not wealth itself. That to me, is akin to chasing ones own shadow as it serves no useful purpose. The Millionaire Next Door dispelled a great many myths about the wealthy just as DOMAI does about beauty. It is around us everyday, if people can get past this whole perception thing they will see the beauty and wealth around them everyday.

David Exile

Zeppellina said...

Although there are the lucky few who were born into money, most people who have money have worked extremely hard to get it.
When someone has worked extremely hard to get to a certain stage, what they have is valuable to them as they know only too well that it did not come easily, and they are often more prudent with their spending.
Then there are the ones who are caught on what I call the `hamster wheel`, whereby to maintain their position they have to keep going.
Often people who work long hours don`t really have much time for an active social life, as there are just not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Having less of a social life means less money being spent.
There are no hard and fast rules to why some have more money than others.
Some people will struggle and work very hard all of their life and still have nothing at the end of it.
Some people are happy with what they have, choosing the lifestyle they have rather than long working hours.
I wish there was a formula to it, where you could say " I choose option A or B", and then everything would fit into place!
The only thing which we can really all hope for is quality of life, whether we achieve wealth or not.
Quality of life is sometimes as difficult to achieve as wealth!