Monday, September 05, 2005

"The Wire"

I have now watched the cop show The Wire on DVD, the first season.
It is very engaging, and very realistic, and rather unusual.
One example: they don't use music to tell you what to feel about the scene. (I didn't even notice until it was mentioned in the commentaries.) I am pleased about that, for I get irritated when a show or film plays "scary" or "romatic" music to manipulate you. It just lacks subtlety. Not so on The Wire.
The show is based to a very high degree on the experiences of police in Baltimore. One of the co-writers was a cop for 20 years.
Just see if you can watch several episodes without using the F-word all the time and pronouncing "all right" like "a-ight". :)
I am much more of a comedy fan than a thriller-fan (or whatever), but this one is recommended.

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