Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Quality And The Art Of Purpose Maintenance

New article of mine:
Quality And The Art Of Purpose Maintenance

It has been a while since I wrote anything like this, so I'd be interested in hearing if you find it helpful.


Zeppellina said...

As a designer, particularly liked the thought processess which went into this.

Was a particularly interesting look at Form and Function.

Although I think my wee brain may have went into zen meltdown...!!

Good stuff, Eolake.

Wonko outside the asylum said...

I would pretty much agree with your conclusion and the logic behind it, especially the involvement of care and attention in making something helping to give a quality feel. You could, to a limited extent, define human interaction in a similar way. We all like being fussed over now and then, and it is particularly gratifying to us when someone has clearly gone to a lot of trouble to please us. This could vary from service in a restaurant to a particularly thoughtful gift. Of course care and attention in the conception of something do not guarantee the desired result. There is no point in buying me an expensive Sushi dinner at a posh restaurant if I'm allergic to fish. I will think further on this one...