Saturday, January 21, 2012

Limit search to one site

Here's a really useful Google trick which many people still don't know about, how to limit a Google search to one site.
Today I got an email:

I am looking for some of my favorite stories from many years ago, but am not finding them. One was of a group skinny dipping in moonlight when one lost a watch or something. The author had a flashlight, which he shined near, but not on, the girls who were looking. Do you remember the story, or know which newsletter it is in?

I answered:

No, actually I don’t. But Google is my friend! Here it is:

The way I found it was, I put into google: flashlight
(No space after the colon.)
This limits the search to the given domain. 

There is another good trick: say somebody sends you a good article in email, but there's no clue where to find it on the web. Then you take a phrase from the article, and put in into google, in quotes (which tells Google to keep the phrase whole), for example:
"Then Daniel remembered about the flashlight"
... which finds the same old newsletter, and no other page.

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karrde said...

I've picked up those tricks by osmosis somewhere in the past decade.

Another Google search tool: if you want results that don't include a particular term, put a minus sign prefix in front of it.

To take a quasi-random example: compare the results of the search for queen elizabeth to the results of the search for queen -elizabeth.

I can't find a Google page containing such tricks, which is odd...